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“ It takes curiosity to learn. It takes courage to unlearn.
Learning requires the humility to admit what you don't know today.
Unlearning requires the integrity to admit that you were wrong yesterday.
Learning is how you evolve. Unlearning is how you keep up as the world evolves”
- Adam Grant

Change fitness journeys

One of the main ways that complexity impacts all of us is the continuous change that we face.  

We all experience the discomfort of facing an uncertain and unpredictable future.  But in that uncertainty lies possibility; we need to reclaim a sense of agency and befriend change to capitalise on these opportunities.

Whether you are a CEO, a parent, a teacher, a student, or a call center agent ... we need to reframe how we think about change and become "fit" for it.  

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the changes we face in society, at work, and at home?  Do you often wish for a reprieve and some stability?
  • Do you struggle to focus and make sense of the overwhelming information coming at you from everywhere?
  • Do you feel like you don't have enough hours in the day for what you need to do?
  • Do you feel called to make a difference in the world, but the problems we face seem so overwhelming you don't even know where to start?
  • Do you have a sense of possibility amid all the uncertainty, but you don't know how to make the most of it? 

If so, you are not alone.  Join us, and other explorers from all over the world as we explore how we can befriend uncertainty and reclaim a sense of agency as we become more fit for this ever-changing world.

We created these offerings to enable ANYONE to become FIT to navigate continuous change and uncertainty.  We believe it starts with becoming fit for complexity, so in a way, we seek to democratize complex thinking ... because we believe the world needs people who are comfortable being uncomfortable and able to move from feeling future fatigue to having the agency to co-create a better future.  That is the only way we will thrive in this beautiful, messy, discombobulating world.

Our offerings ... for INDIVIDUALS

Open, join anytime CHANGE FITNESS JOURNEYS (find out more about the curriculum here)

  • Learn how to beCOOL and surf the waves of uncertainty.
  • Our blended learning journeys combine cutting-edge self-paced learning content with the power of facilitated together-learning large group events. 
    •  You can join any time, and you'll have access to the content for a period of six months. 
    • During this time, you will have access to monthly online gatherings where Sonja & Casper  will explore what it means to be fully human in our complex world.
    • You will have the option of being in a small learning and reflection group with other fascinating humans from all over the world. 
  • Click here to find out more and book your seat.

Monthly Subscription (or as we like to call it, SUPscription)

  • If you're not quite ready to sign up for a journey, or you've completed a journey and want to keep learning and stay in touch with our vibrant, complexity fitness community.  We have just the thing for you!
  • Join our monthly SUP, where for a small monthly fee, you will receive a curated mailer and access to our exclusive monthly virtual gatherings.
  • Access expertly curated content about relevant and emerging topics in related to complexity and future fitness and join a vibrant learning community.
  • Contact us if you are interested in more information.

Our offerings ... for COMPANIES & TEAMS

Customized journeys for companies and teams

  • Our customised journeys  offer maximum benefit to organisations and teams as we align the content with your current strategic objectives.  
  • We are also able to offer themed journeys such as beCOOL for change resilience; beCOOL for agile; and beCOOL psychological safety.
  • Complexity fitness is a practice, and therefore our focus is on practical application and making the learning tangible and relevant.
  • Contact us for a free consultation.

COOL days and other workshops

  • We created our shorter COOL days to serve particular clients' needs, e.g., to re:Connect as a team; re:Imagine our future; re:Fresh and Re:Plenish, or simply to re:Set with some useful and stimulating content.  You can see an example of a COOL day here.
  • These workshops vary between a half day and two days, depending on your need.   
  • Contact us to book a day for your team.  

Talks and presentations

  • We offer talks on various complexity fitness related topics including, Contact us for a list of topics, or to design a talk specific to your needs.


  1. We acknowledge that learners come from different contexts. They need and bring different things, we, therefore, provide multiple paths, choice, and agency. 
  2. We don’t believe there are ‘best practices’ for complexity fitness. Every situation is different. We honor and build on context, what others already know, and different forms of knowing.
  3. We see learners as nomads traversing their personal learning networks in their own ways.  We are a community of co-learners, working to co-create wonderful and unique learning networks. 
  4. We value questions and curiosity over answers and ‘being right’. 
  5. We learn out loud … our aim is to enable (and be) active learners and sensemakers, not passive consumers of content.
  6. Our role is not to provide answers, but to provide new language, provocative questions, and a safe container for learning.



means improved decision-making, wellbeing, innovation and motivation.



Our fast-moving world invites us into a state of continuous learning, unlearning, and reinventing ourselves.  This is true whether you are a mother, a CEO, an entrepreneur, or an artist.  

It is also true for teams, organizations, and even societies.

The COOL meta-skills, help us assume a learning posture.  On this you "learn how to learn", you learn to make sense and distinguish signal from noise.  And perhaps most important, others get the opportunity to learn from you.





Complexity is unpredictable, we simply cannot know what will happen next.  What we can do is to prepare ourselves with the skills and practices we need to deal with whatever comes.

Nassim Taleb coined the phrase "anti-fragile".  It describes a person or system that becomes stronger when it goes through adversity.  The plant pictured here is South African fynbos.  Every time it burns, the plant multiplies and comes back stronger.   This journey will reconnect you with skills you already have, and enable you to acquire new ones that will enable you to thrive whereever you are planted.




Being in perpetual uncertainty, the overwhelming amount of information clamoring for our attention, the pressure to do more with less ... all of this can start to wear us down.

Professional athletes don't have to continually perform at their peak like most of us have to, and yet they understand the important of rest and recovery time.  Wellbeing and performance are not separate, they are two sides of the same coin.  When we understand that we are in complexity, that we cannot control everything, that change is normal (and healthy), we can let go.   The COOL meta-skills enable us to work and live smarter, and more in tune with natural rythms.

Future Ball



Sometimes when we find ourselves in uncertain and unpredictable places, facing challenges that seem to messy for us to comprehend, we can lose our sense of agency.  

The skills and meta-skills of complexity fitness give us back that agency.  We learn that we have a choice to contribute and to co-create.  Understanding the patterns of complexity, can help us to shift from feeling future-fatigued, to being future-ready.



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In designing and facilitating our learning journeys, we too commit to being über COOL:

    • We Courageously enter the unknown space of learning together.  We question the Status Quo.  We mindfully navigate the creative boundary between knowing and unknowing.  We cultivate the ability to respond despite our fear, and not react mindlessly.
    • We are Open to the ambiguity of multiple perspectives, paradoxes, and questions we don’t know the answers to.  We engage difference with curiosity, not judgment.  We learn and unlearn continuously.
    • We are keen Observers.  We notice moments, patterns, our environment & our own internal responses.  Continually zooming in & out is a habit we intentionally cultivate.
    • We practice Lightness. We don’t take ourselves (or others) too seriously.  We hold our own opinions lightly.  We show up with humour.  We value beauty, non-doing, play, and imagination.



“A purposeful pause is a mini-break in the momentum and speed of our mind and our days. Purposeful Pauses give us the space to reset and re-centre, and when we do, we’re more likely to make conscious choices about our work and our activities that are productive, creative, and compassionate. A purposeful pause interrupts the fog that gathers when we’re on autopilot, pushing our way through the day. It’s not all that hard to bring about a break in the clouds and when we do, we can gain a new perspective on each moment.” - Forbes Magazine

The exponential rate of change and information overload lead to lives of ‘continuous partial attention’. In a world with ever-increasing demands of deadlines, budgets, projects, diary-juggling, family, and school, it’s a miracle we’re not all batsh*t-crazy. We might not be entirely certifiable (yet), but we’re certainly not operating optimally.

Our sustainable performance is dependent on our ability to pause, to find time to reflect and observe our world.  When we become the observer, we develop an increased ability to RESPOND rather than REACT to the demands of the external environment.  Not only are we cleverer, but we also have a positive impact on burnout and resilience.  

This ability to pause and observe is a skill, not an attitude, and needs practice.  And we should practice it as often as possible.  It is a fantasy that the long weekend and or the upcoming holiday could be our time to recover and rest.  We must find that recovery time every day.  Yes, there can be a small holiday in every day.

Hopefully you noticed the purposeful pause when you entered this website the first time. Maybe you just closed the pop-up.  Next time, embrace the power of the break. ;)

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