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beCOOL is our foundational learning journey for guiding your employees/team through becoming fit to face complexity, change, and the future. Complete the form below for a quotation.

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Learn to thrive in complexity and change like surfers thrive in the waves.  

In this Quest, you can guide your people through an exploration of:

  • What complexity is, how to know when you are in it, and why becoming fit for it is so important.
  • The four complexity fitness meta-skills (beCOOL):
  1. Courage – to try and fail; to be in ambiguity; to explore.
  2. Openness – to embrace diversity, to learn and unlearn.
  3. Observing – situational and inner awareness.
  4. Lightness – play, humor, beauty, and holding our egos lightly.

This is a fully self-paced online learning offering.

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Do you want to help your team navigate the increasingly complex and uncertain world, but you’re not sure where to find appropriate content and tools? Our clients were asking us to help them deal with feeling overwhelmed, to make decisions in uncertainty, and capitalise on the opportunities that are emerging. This is what prompted us to create our Complexity Fitness offerings. We have drawn on decades of experience in applied complexity and mindfulness to curate the best content in a series of online self-paced journeys you can offer to your clients.

With the beCOOL Learning Journey you'll learn valuable strategies for dealing with complexity and uncertainty in your personal and professional life. You'll discover how to break down complex problems into manageable chunks, and how to navigate the unknown with confidence and ease. You'll also learn how to develop a growth mindset, and how to build resilience to stress and change.

By starting to build your complexity fitness, you'll also:

  • Improve your decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Increase your creativity and innovation
  • Enhance your ability to think strategically and adapt to change
  • Foster your leadership and teamwork capabilities
  • Boost your productivity and overall well-being

Our Offerings are:

  • Solidly GROUNDED IN THEORY, but not theoretical.
  • CROSS-DISCIPLINARY content focused on what it means to be human in complexity.
  • NON-LINEAR journeys that are congruent with the non-linearity of complexity.

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