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Guide your clients through beCOOL: a foundational learning journey in becoming fit to face complexity, change, and the future.

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Help your clients thrive in complexity and change ... as surfers thrive in the waves.  

Add value to your clients with a professional & cutting-edge packaged complexity fitness offering.

Are your clients asking for help in navigating the increasingly complex and uncertain world, but you’re unsure where to find appropriate content and tools? Our clients are increasingly asking us to help them with decision-making in uncertainty, feeling overwhelmed, and finding ways to let go of old ways of thinking to liberate the creativity and courage needed to capitalise on the opportunities that are emerging.

This is what prompted us to create our Complexity Fitness offerings. We have drawn on decades of experience in applied complexity and mindfulness to curate the best content in a series of online self-paced journeys you can offer to your clients.

Complexity fitness practices:

  • Improve decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Enhance the ability to think strategically and adapt to change
  • Foster leadership and teamwork capabilities
  • Boost productivity and overall well-being

Our Offerings are:

  • Solidly GROUNDED IN THEORY, but not theoretical.
  • CROSS-DISCIPLINARY content focused on what it means to be human in complexity.
  • NON-LINEAR journeys that are congruent with the non-linearity of complexity.

Complete our foundational beCOOL Quest Quest yourself to qualify to become a ComplexityFit Affiliate.   Our beCOOL Foundations Quest is a fully self-paced online learning offering supported by small-group learning or one-on-one coaching.  The content forms an ideal frame that you can use to guide or enhance your client conversations.  Additionally, you have the advantage of joining our monthly plenary gatherings where Casper & Sonja will share some of their latest thinking.

Affiliates are able to resell our Quests to their clients and guide them in an exploration of:

  • What complexity is, how it impacts them and why it is essential to practice Complexity Fitness.
  • How to make sense of their context and use that as a basis for improved decision-making.
  • The four complexity fitness meta-skills (beCOOL):
  1. Courage – to try and fail; to be in ambiguity; to explore.
  2. Openness – to embrace diversity, to learn and unlearn.
  3. Observing – situational and inner awareness.
  4. Lightness – play, humour, beauty, and holding our egos lightly.

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