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Cool Journeys 2022

Do any of these statements resonate with how you, your family, or team are feeling?

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If you are anything like us, everything that is going on in the world right feels overwhelming.  Many of us are feeling a bit tired when we think about the future.   

But in the midst of the turmoil, there are also tremendous opportunities.   In order to bring these to life, we need to change our relationship with change and uncertainty.

Join us for a multi-sensory experiential learning experience filled with practical insights and sprinkled with poetry, wonder, humor, and play.  Take the COOL antidote ... get CHANGE FIT.

Join Casper and Sonja along with other explorers from around the world for journey to discover how to thrive in continuous change and bring to life the opportunities and beauty in uncertainty.

This journey is for anyone!  Whether a CEO, teacher, student, stay-at-home parent, or entrepreneur.  It is especially useful for anyone going through transition ... from school to university, or into your first job, out of one job into another, becoming a parent, or transitioning to life beyond formal work.  Complexity and change are everywhere, and we all need to learn how to "surf the waves for change".

When you sign up, you will immediately get access to a blended learning journey where you can explore and learn how to thrive, see the opportunity and beauty in the midst of the messiness and manage the overwhelm and confusion that can sometimes come with uncertainty.

We feel exhausted because our attention is scattered, and along with it, our energy dissipates.  When we normalise change and learn how to navigate complexity, we also learn how to better steward our attention.

Energy flows where attention goes


Our cutting edge beCOOL TO BECOME CHANGE FIT blended learning journey includes: 

Anytime sign-up, immediate access and 6 months to complete the online Quest:

When you sign up, you will immediately have access to our cutting edge Learning Quests, no need to wait for a course to start.  

Learn at your own pace:

You will have access to the content for 6 months, so you can learn at your own pace, and go back to revisit interesting or challenging content as often as you like.  This means that our journey can fit into any diary.

If you want, you can join a learning huddle with other fascinating humans from all over the world:

The content comes alive when we reflect and learn along with other people.  You have the option to join a small learning group (we call them huddles) of 3-5 people to journey with.  These huddles self-organise, but we'll do our best to help you find your tribe.

Monthly virtual large group gatherings with Casper & Sonja (and every now and again an interesting guest might pop in):

In these monthly virtual gatherings,  you will be able to spend time with Casper and Sonja as they explore what it means to be fully human in the midst of uncertainty and complexity.  You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest research, practices and tools, and have to opportunity to engage in collective sensemaking with our global community.

These sessions will commence in the 8th of February 2023.  If you join now, we will extend your membership to make sure you have the full 6-month access.

Discounted alumni access to our monthly SUP.

We also have monthly subscriptions (we call it our SUP) for those who want to continue their journey after the 6 months.  Practicing change fitness and exploring Complexity  don’t stop after completing an online course!   So once your initial journey is over and you are ready to #StartAgain, you can join our monthly SUP at a discounted alumni rate.

Join us now!




We have curated the very best content to create an offering that is designed to help individuals, teams, and organisations grow their complexity fitness skills.  On this foundational journey, we will explore:

  • What complexity is, and how to recognise it and deal with it.
  • Reframing how we see change and our relationship with it.
  • Learn the practices you need become more fit for continuous change, spot opportunities, and thrive in uncertainty.
  • Practice mindfulness and learn to be present, notice patterns, calm your nervous system, and improve the quality of your thinking.
  • beCOOL.  Learn about the 4 meta-skills: Courage, Openness, Observing, and Lightness.
  • Courageously re-ignite and reconnect to Imagination, Play, Beauty, and Humour.
  • Embrace discomfort.  Learn to be more open to being uncomfortable, and allow it to be a gateway for learning.
  • Cultivate ways to reconnect with the future, replenish your energy and restore your sense of agency.   


It is brilliant.  I love the away-from-convention feel; and perhaps most of all, the very clever way in which it becomes a companion, and builds up, keeps one inspired to see what’s next, yet somehow creating a tranquil feeling and space in which to immerse oneself.

~ Zenda Ofir,  Geneva


The Complexity Fitness online course is beautifully designed and easy to navigate.  A lot of the curated content is unique and thought-provoking.

 ~ Marilise Smit, South Africa


"Insightful and inspiring content, a space for reflection and dialogue together with good colleagues, and 2 very skilled facilitators."

 ~ Alenka Rosenqvist,  Sweden

"It was a life-changing experience and I will be recommending it to a wide range of people.  The learning platform works like a charm and brings the already engaging course content across in a way that makes the lessons easy to understand and practical.

Anybody, at any level, at any stage of their life or career will benefit from the experience. If only it existed when I was 18 years old…"

 ~ Evert de Ruiter,  South Africa

"Connection with the self and like-minded people. Space to think and ponder the things that make life worth living and which will also make you a better YOU in which ever role you are. The value is as intangible, as the experience is invaluable - you'll have to experience it to understand what I'm trying to say. I strongly urge you tap into your courage and take part in this experience."

 ~ Lurinda Maree,  South Africa


"A fabulous journey of both self discovery and meaningful practices on critical ways to think and see the complex world with ease, with lightness and with different perspectives."

 ~ Kim Thompson,  South Africa


"The presentation and format of this course is fresh, engaging and relevant in today’s world. I loved the inspirational, thought provoking resources used and the novel perspective it offered. The four meta-skills offered the opportunity of engaging with all my ways of gaining knowledge that allows a more informed view of life. It teaches time management through balance and learning to pause. The course encourages diversity through co-operation with people with different perspectives allowing more informed decision-making.

I loved the informal presentation of each section and the working through of each concept that was accessible, thoughtful, useful and enjoyable. For me, the course succeeded in dealing with complexity in today’s world though understanding myself better and being able to observe with openness and lightness a much fuller picture, in preparing for the future."

 ~ Lindie Pankiv-Greene,  South Africa





The investment for this blended learning journey is $400.00* pp.

*If you are South African, a student, or paying in your private capacity, contact us for a discount code.

(We don’t want financial means to be a barrier to anyone who would like to join the course.  If you are experiencing financial hardship or are unable to afford the discounted rate, contact us for a deeper discount).


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